When Feelings Begin to Cloud your Judgement

Social media has such a unique and surreal way of shedding light on what goes on behind closed doors of those we grow to know through the entertainment industry and those our younger generation begin to idolize. Unfortunately, not all light that we see is bright, some  is dark and more disgusting than we canContinue reading “When Feelings Begin to Cloud your Judgement”

Don’t Allow the Holidays to Catch you Slipping!

The holiday season is generally and historically known as a time of joy, love, and family, but for many people it’s a time that will catch you slipping; caught sitting in our feelings, self-sabotaging, getting caught up in situationships and/or forcing connections (romantic, friendships, and family) that are no longer meant for us. I getContinue reading “Don’t Allow the Holidays to Catch you Slipping!”

Blindsided Breakups: A thing or not a thing?

I recently read a post online in which a well-known rapper/entertainer mentioned being blindsided by his wife filing for divorce. The thought of this immediately sparked my interest as I thought it’s impossible to be blindsided by your marriage or relationship coming to an end. However, I now see how this is possible. For mostContinue reading “Blindsided Breakups: A thing or not a thing?”

Be Blameless: Own Your Part in the Relationship

The end of my marriage caused me to level up and grow in ways that I didn’t think was possible. It forced me and gave me the opportunity to be real with myself and hold myself accountable. The saying, “it takes two” is real and I understood it more than ever when I was aloneContinue reading “Be Blameless: Own Your Part in the Relationship”

Why Expressing Your Needs in a Relationship is Crucial?

Initially it appeared that Lena Waithe would string us along this entire season of The Chi and we’d never see Keisha reunited with her family. However, within these past few episodes we’ve finally received some resolve. While this was one of the central storylines this season, I am actually more intrigued by Papa and Miesha’sContinue reading “Why Expressing Your Needs in a Relationship is Crucial?”

Great Achievements Involves Taking Greater Risks

Are you still wondering when this will all be over and hoping for things to go back to normal, or should I say back to the way they were before Covid-19? Well newsflash, we can’t go back! I’ll quote myself and say, “When the dust settles and this pandemic is over, things shouldn’t go backContinue reading “Great Achievements Involves Taking Greater Risks”

Mending Your Broken Friendship: Is It Worth It?

After catching up on all of the episodes to this past season of Insecure all I can say is Issa Rae, the creator is definitely Black Girl Magic at its best. Each episode this season touched upon a topic that many women like myself can relate to.  While watching each episode so much resonated withContinue reading “Mending Your Broken Friendship: Is It Worth It?”

From Bitter to Better: Fixing Your Own Toxicity

By the time my ex and I had decided to divorce I had already mentally and emotionally checked out of the marriage. So for me divorce was  the next thing to do; counseling and talking didn’t work so why stay stuck in an unhappy place? I was good with the idea of an amicable divorce,Continue reading “From Bitter to Better: Fixing Your Own Toxicity”

They’re Not Going to Apologize, So What?

At the earliest stages of our lives, we are taught that if we hurt someone or offend them we should say, “I’m sorry.” Saying sorry is a form of an apology, but also the acknowledgement that we have wronged or hurt someone. We were taught this, even if we truly didn’t understand why we wereContinue reading “They’re Not Going to Apologize, So What?”