Mending Your Broken Friendship: Is It Worth It?

After catching up on all of the episodes to this past season of Insecure all I can say is Issa Rae, the creator is definitely Black Girl Magic at its best. Each episode this season touched upon a topic that many women like myself can relate to.  While watching each episode so much resonated with me, particularly the idea of knowing when to fix what has been broken or when it’s time to just move on! While Issa and Lawrence’s rekindled romance resonated, Issa and Molly’s broken friendship was what kept me intrigued throughout the season. 

 As a woman who is strongly committed to her friendships and the nature of sisterhood, I understood both  Molly’s and Issa’s perspectives regarding their friendship. However,  I  couldn’t understand why they weren’t fixing it or how it took being hurt by a man for them to finally commit to their sisterhood!  While both have been friends for years and have been there for one another, this season their friendship went through a breakdown in communication, Molly being torn between her  love interest and her friendship with Issa, and simply the notion of growing in different directions.  Their struggles throughout the season truly brought to light the struggles that many women face within their friendships; fights that go unresolved, someone’s feelings being hurt, lack of communication, feelings of resentment and much more. 

  Molly’s and Issa’s issues throughout this season is a reminder to all women that   friends often come into our lives for different reasons and some are only seasonal, but those friendships that are truly  meant to last most certainly will. Ironically, Molly initially didn’t want to fix her friendship with Issa but was willing to go all out for a man who in the end wasn’t willing to do the same for her? Umm!  In a world full of Molly’s and Issa’s it’s often difficult to know which friendships are worth fighting for and which ones you’ve simply outgrown. However, as women it’s important that we respect and value the girlfriend code and build up enough emotional intelligence to fix what has been broken in our friendships or sisterhood.  

Here’s some steps that may aid in in that process: 

  1. First and foremost, make the discernment between whether or not the friendship is worth saving. While all friendships experience rough patches, not all friendships are meant to last, some run their course on purpose! 
  1. If you have in fact decided that your friendship is worth it, work on it by talking and communicating as adults. 
  1. Both parties must be willing to take ownership of the part they played in the breakdown and apologize. 
  1. Commit to getting past your issues and building a stronger friendship.  

Renee_theblogger_:  Women are often too prideful or stubborn, and so easily okay with not fixing true friendships and sisterhood. Don’t be so easily content with  repeating the cycle of unresolved relationships and friendships as doing so can ultimately affect your ability to maintain healthy relationships.

Published by Renee

Who can really capture who they are in a brief summary? I'm a mother, an educator and a woman that's breaking generational curses. Those who know me would say I'm honest, genuine, and a little bit of an introvert. I'm big on integrity, so I hold true to the importance of being yourself and being straightforward. As I've matured as a woman, I've learned that many of the obstacles I faced stripped me of my voice and for so many years I was held hostage to my past. I'm currently walking into this next chapter of my life no longer afraid to speak my truth and share what healing has done for me. A wise woman once told me that all that I went through was my destiny and most importantly to help others, she said, "baby it's not about you." I didn't understand it at the time, but I've accepted the challenge of going from the wounded to the healer.

9 thoughts on “Mending Your Broken Friendship: Is It Worth It?

  1. Very true indeed, I absolutely value my friendships and it is important to have boundaries allow space for both friendship & relationship. Awesome blog! Thanks Renee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Insecure truly covered many eye openers regarding love, life and friendships.

      No pain, no gain! ❤️

      Also the relationship with Molly and her dad meant a lot to me. I wish she forgive him! (whole different life lesson)


  2. Renee, you hit the topic of friendship right on the nail. I value the genuine friends that I do have. Some friendships are for a reason or season. It just feel as though some women rather through their friendship away so easily rather than to communicate and move on from there. This season of Insecure displayed that perfectly. I wish Molly and Issa talked way before having men problems. In life we must set boundaries in our relationships and friendships.
    Great blog Renee!


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