Don’t Let History Keep you Stuck

My ex and I were the perfect love story, so I thought. We were best friends since 9th grade, we talked about everything. He knew my secrets and I knew his. I’m talking about deep; he was one of the first of the few people who knew the guy I was seeing back in high school was laying hands on me. He’s actually one of the reasons why I left that relationship. Well once high school was over, everyone went on with their lives but one thing remained was our friendship, in fact we both developed feelings for one another but I think we were afraid to ruin the bond we already had. Long story short my senior year in college we started dating and our bond grew thicker. With him I was able to let my guard down and be myself. We had history and it only made sense right? Wrong!

    History is what actually kept me in this toxic relationship way too long! While there wasn’t abuse or anything like that, I ignored all the toxicity early on in the relationship when I should’ve left. I’ve heard older women say once a cheater, always a cheater so don’t allow it. But is it something that you really allow? Who really would allow something like that? I think for many women and men who are faced with infidelity you chose to get through it for many different reasons. When it first happened in our relationship, I’m going to be honest I was a young hot head and felt like I’m not allowing another chick to mess up what I had going on. Yes I was hurt, but I felt like we’ve been together all of this time why would I leave now? I think that was the worst decision of my life, as I never took the time to heal that hurt nor did I make my ex work hard enough to earn my trust back. I think from then on I never really trusted him, but I just adopted the motto, “a man will be a man so let him be.” It made sense to me then but as I got older and later on in our relationship I knew if it happened again I was wiser and not going to tolerate it. So when the signs started appearing again , I didn’t go fishing to seek the answers, but I knew what’s done in the dark eventually comes to light. I pretty much let him dig his own grave; he was never great at lying or being discreet. Cheating wasn’t the only toxic issue I swept under the rug, others I’ll write about later on.

    I allowed a lot of BS and because of that I almost became numb to a lot. I’ve always been strong and I’m not going to lie my sharp tongue has always been the most vicious weapon ever; a toxic trait of mine that I’m not proud of. However, having my first daughter changed my perspective and matured me as a woman in more ways than one. In contrast, it also made me put up with stuff I would’ve never allowed. I thought my main priority was my daughter and making sure she grew up with both parents in the home, happily married and in love. That is how children learn about love, right?

By the time I had my second daughter, I no longer felt like myself and I was simply allowing stuff because I was afraid. I was afraid to break up the family my kids had (that most kids didn’t), and I was afraid to let go of all the history my ex and I shared. Not too many people get to marry and create a family with their best friend. I knew that once we separated not only would I be letting go of my husband but I’d also be letting go of our friendship that I valued more than anything in the world . It wasn’t easy but I had come to the conclusion that the man I grew to love wasn’t the man that stood before me. I wasn’t alone, yet I was feeling lonely as heck! We were growing in two different directions and I needed to love me more! I soaked up the lessons from my past and was ready to leave our history behind. I shifted my focus from what was and began focusing on me!

Author: Steve Maraboli “Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.”

Published by Renee

Who can really capture who they are in a brief summary? I'm a mother, an educator and a woman that's breaking generational curses. Those who know me would say I'm honest, genuine, and a little bit of an introvert. I'm big on integrity, so I hold true to the importance of being yourself and being straightforward. As I've matured as a woman, I've learned that many of the obstacles I faced stripped me of my voice and for so many years I was held hostage to my past. I'm currently walking into this next chapter of my life no longer afraid to speak my truth and share what healing has done for me. A wise woman once told me that all that I went through was my destiny and most importantly to help others, she said, "baby it's not about you." I didn't understand it at the time, but I've accepted the challenge of going from the wounded to the healer.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Let History Keep you Stuck

  1. I mad that I didn’t realize what you was going though. But I can relate. Cory was my toxic. I loved him know matter what or who he did. I always just dealt with it. These are just “True life lessons, I have now regrets”. If anything I thank him. Because with out these teachings I wouldn’t have became the woman that I am now. The mother my daughters need. The role model that you are is a true example of your growth. I’m so proud of you. “Mooty you are the greatest”


    1. Sometimes our greatest lessons come at the expense of us being pained! But God will give his toughest battles to his greatest warriors. I know that now!


  2. Renee thank you for sharing this. I can relate in so many ways. Sometimes nothing helps but to see this I feel like I’ve released my pain and my hurt through you. I wanted to write my story one day but you wrote it for me. I appreciate you!

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  3. Greatly worded im still learning self love everyday is a challenge….but knowing we have relatable sources like this blog ensures me of the resilience we have as being women and creators of all things…

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